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About the NFA

Founded in 1983, the Nevada Faculty Alliance and its chapters represent professional employees within all eight institutions in the Nevada System of Higher Education. NFA is the Nevada affiliate of the American Association of University Professors. the oldest national organization advocating for higher education as a common good, academic freedom, and shared governance. Through AAUP, the NFA is affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers/AFL-CIO with 300,000 other members in higher education.

The NFA-AAUP-AFT is the collective bargaining representative for the faculty at Truckee Meadows Community College, Western Nevada College, and College of Southern Nevada. The NFA has advocacy chapters at Great Basin College, Nevada State College, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and University of Nevada, Reno.

See also: NFA State Board

NFA 2024-25 Annual Goals
  1. Membership growth
    1. 15% overall
    2. Minimum 10% per chapter
  2. Collective Bargaining
    1. Secure adoption of revisions to Title 4 Chapter 4 of the Board of Regents Handbook which governs collective bargaining at NSHE campuses.
    2. Through campaigning and lobbying, work to secure a veto override of AB224 in the 2025 Nevada Legislature or pursue comparable legislation.
    3. Establish a new bargaining unit at Nevada State University.
    4. Explore faculty preferences regarding collective bargaining at Great Basin College.
    5. Coordinate negotiations on new collective bargaining agreements at CSN, TMCC, and WNC.
  3. Persuade NSHE to establish an effective dashboard and issue comprehensive annual reports on all EO/Title IX issues and actions for students and faculty/staff.
  4. Expand NFA’s presence in shared governance through improved collaboration with faculty senates on all campuses and increase participation by members as senators and committee members.

What We Do

The NFA advocates for quality education for the common good of our communities by promoting dialogue, and effective policies and procedures based on these core principles:

  • Advocacy and action for faculty and staff as workers in the service of the public good;  defense of academic freedom in all its manifestations, including the American institution of tenure rights; and ensuring academic rigor and educational quality on behalf of faculty, students and the community through shared governance of the universities and colleges.
  • Access, inclusion and diversity for students, faculty and staff, and the administration they are governed by. All are valued as a reflection of our communities. 
  • Affordability and funding that emphasize access to the citizens of Nevada pursuing higher education. We advocate for the funding to support an educational infrastructure that will diversify Nevada’s economy.
  • Academic achievementexemplified in both quantitative and qualitative measures, and outcomes for individual students as well as the community they call home.

We work to empower faculty members to be fully engaged in our mission to help students succeed.


The NFA represents all eight institutions in the Nevada System of Higher Education, advocating on behalf of faculty and professional staff, and more than 100,000 students who call Nevada home. 
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Contact Us:

Office: 702-530-4NFA (4632)



840 S. Rancho Drive

Suite 4-571

Las Vegas, NV 89106

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